Zen Sand Garden - Japanese Rock Garden - Karesansui

Buying a Japanese Rock Garden?

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In a miniature zen sand garden, you'll find most of accessories found in there life-sized counterparts. Most come with inspirational zen garden stones, a small rake, and a container to put everything in. The stones are usually river rocks, but sometimes they're synthetic look-a-likes.

A bit of history on Zen Sand Gardens

Also known as karesansui, or simply zen gardens, the purpose of these japanese rock gardens is to provide a place of zen, and to calm the mind.

A Japanese rock gardens is an enclosed pit of sand containing gravel and rocks as well as other natural elements like grass, however, most do not have any plants. Traditionally garden's container is facing pefectly north and south.

The most famous Karesansui is one created by artist Sōami at Ryoan-ji, in the northwest of Kyoto, Japan. It is believed to be over 500 years old It is 30 meters by 10 meters.

Some assumptions about the layout of karesansui:

  1. The gravel is meant to represent the ocean and the rocks symbolize islands of Japan
  2. The rocks are symbolic of a mother tiger and her cubs, swimming toward a dragon
  3. The rocks form Japanese kanji for either heart or mind.

People talk about the feeling of zen they get from having these zen gardens in their house.

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